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Clinton County Showcase

Ways to Volunteer

Backstage crew

These volunteer members help out during tech week and during the shows. They do everything from change set, add or remove items from the stage to helping the actors with costumes behind the scenes. These people are a huge part of every production and are always in need.

Concession Crew

There are usually 3 people that man the concession table at the Breese Northside Park productions and 2 at the Avon Theater. These people need to be responsible adults. They are usually required to be on location an hour before the event to get the table set up and the popcorn started.


These people greet those attending the show and help them to find their seats. There are usually 3-4 ushers at the theater and 4-6 at the park.

50/50 crew

Like to hollar? This might be the right thing for you. These people hollar out to catch the attendees attention in order to sell 50/50 tickets. The idea behind this is a 50/50 split of the money between CCS and the winning ticket holder.

Event planning

For those who like to plan and make things happen, event planning might be where you fit in. Throughout the year, CCS hosts events like fundraisers, events to give back to the community and other things. More people, and more ideas, are needed for these types of things. The CCS group is expanding and needs help spreading out.

Event crew

These people help make an event go smoothly. They help with various things from registration to concessions to helping with set-up and tear-down. These people only work at special events, unless they offer to work during shows as well.

Set building

Anyone with building or construction experience would be welcomed to help with the various set building that goes on for each show. This would also include painters and people that like to build or find props. Set building usually takes place on Saturday and Sunday morning.


Check out the support page and get involved in the fundraising committee meetings

If you are interested in volunteering please contact (618) 526-AVON

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